In June 2020, the decision handed down on Re D, E & C Limited [2020] NZPSLA 007 significantly changed the way and who can conduct workplace investigations. From this decision, a key change has been applied. The Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority (PSPLA) decision highlighted the requirement for workplace investigators to hold a private investigator licence in accordance with the Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010.

The PSPLA noted workplace investigations are “a relatively recent feature…. parliament clearly intended the definition of private investigator to cover all people in the business of carrying out investigations into a person’s character, actions or behaviour. This is an integral part of an employment investigators work.”

External HR consultants or Health and Safety workplace investigators who do not hold the requisite licence and are not practising lawyers, will not be able to conduct workplace investigations and may be found to be in breach of the Act.

SBS and its workplace investigators hold all the requisite licenses.


We can manage a variety of workplace investigations including:

Whether vehicle, equipment or site related, we can conduct the necessary interviews and site specific investigations to identify the immediate and underlying causes and provide recommendations for future prevention.

We will provide an unbiased approach to suspected substance abuse amongst employees in the workplace. If the investigation discovers a problem exists, we will document the alleged misconduct with a detailed report.


If you suspect that bullying is occurring whether it is systematic or related to age, race or gender we can investigate the allegations providing you with unbiased information for your disciplinary process.

If you suspect that an employee is stealing, whether it is money, equipment or information, we can investigate on your behalf and will provide a written report of our findings.

Worksafe states "Employers should make sure that any investigation into understanding the medical situation for their employee is not viewed as a disciplinary investigation - the employee has not done anything wrong."  We can provide an unbiased enquiry process that treats the employee with respect while obtaining the required information.


We can perform reference background checks that allow you to verify information about your new hire and find out any important information that may have been left out during the application and interview process.


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