Training Programs

Health and Safety

Hazardous Substances

A worker is 15 times more likely to die from a work-related disease than from a workplace accident. With a focus on practical tasks and real workplace procedures, this course focuses on training your employees on the hazardous substances in your workplace, their proper handling procedures, and processes to follow if there is a hazardous substance incident.

Emergency Response

Kiwis know that an emergency is always a possibility, from earthquake to flooding, businesses and their employees need to be ready.  This 2-hour course trains your employees on the impact of different types of emergencies, response procedures and your businesses specific action plan

Site Specific Safety Plans (SSSP)

The key to a good Site Specific Safety Plan is relevance and simplicity, because it is a document that people have to read.  In this course we cover the fundamentals of a good Site Specific Safety Plan, when they should be used and how to make sure you and your employees are managing their use to properly.

Be Part of the Picture

It takes a team for your company or division to be successful but not everyone recognises their or other’s contributions.  In this fun filled half day session we discuss what makes a successful team, “paint a picture” with your team and show people how they and their teammates are part of the success of their team.

In Their Shoes

“They just don’t understand what we do for them!”  If you have heard this phrase from your team about your clients, another department or even across your group, then maybe it is time to become them.  This workshop focuses on flipping the script, making your team look at what you do from an outside perspective, and how you can change perceptions into better realities to aid in enhanced customer service.

Where Are the Leaders?

Ever wondered who the real leaders are in your group or organisation?  Hint: It isn’t always the people with the leadership titles.  In this fun half day workshop, we use a combination of “television personality profiles” and interactive team engagement to help identify todays influencers and tomorrow’s leaders.

What’s the Value?

What defines you company?  Are your company or divisional goals in alignment with your customer or the teams that you serve?  In this full day workshop we look at the interaction of business, customer and organisational goals and identify where you are operating on the spectrum and what gaps exist in creating customer value differentiation.

Leadership and Team Development

Sales Skills

Effective Questioning

Why don’t we ask a question?  Because we fear the answer.  In this half day sales training program, we will work with your team on developing a proven sales questioning process from cold call turnbacks through to quickly developing rapport in the first meeting right up to closing the deal.  And we will help your team understand that the scary answer is okay too.

Ratio Management

Sales isn’t a numbers game; it is a ratio game.  In this two-hour sales training course, we work with your sales team to understand how limited their time really is and how to maximise their time.  We will help them develop their sales ratio plans and work with them to find areas to improve their performance.  There aren’t more hours in a day but there is time we can help them find.

In the Customer’s Shoes

Being the customer is hard.  They have so many more choices today and the consequences of a bad decision are heightened in an era of social media and instant information.  This 2-3 hour fun filled workshop takes your team and puts them in the shoes of your customer to help them understand what the customer really wants from a provider.  Plus, they get to practice their presentation and sales skills.

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