Every person that you hire is unique and so are the requirements for your hiring process.  You shouldn't have to use an off the shelf, one size fits all recruitment process.  At SBS, we help you customise the recruitment process to fit your current open role and the requirements of the specific individual that you are looking to hire.


Recruitment Toolbox

For the business that needs A DIY document package.  Best designed for new companies or ones that have time to manage the complete process.

Support Package

Customize your recruitment process to manage the areas that you want and have us help with the rest.  Some of the common areas that we support include: Advertising, Job Descriptions, Candidate Short Lists, Initial Interviews, Salary Negotiations, Reference Checks and Security Checks.

Full Service Recruitment

Our full service solution, from job description through to offer letter, we will manage the complete hiring process on your behalf.  Priced on either an hourly or percentage basis but with a maximum fee cap so that you are receiving full value for our services.

For help with your recruitment process: