Health and Safety

Our team has considerable knowledge of the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015, it's supporting regulations and how this will affect your business. Our management and governance experience combined with our practical hands on approach, makes health and safety easy to understand and implement into your business. We work with you, your staff, contractors and service providers in your business to make sure they all understand their responsibilities and what it means to work in a safe environment.

We are affordable and help small to medium businesses evaluate their industry specific health and safety requirements, manage their duties, obligations and ensure compliance with straight forward risk management solutions. We work with you to ensure you and your staff are safe at work by tailoring practical solutions unique to your business requirements.

Health and Safety

Consulting Services

We offer specific Health & Safety advice and training support to meet your health and safety business requirements. This can include:

  • Obligations for Governance/Officer and Executive Management
  • Policies and procedures
  • Risk management
  • Management and staff reporting
  • Emergency planning
  • Staff training and induction
  • Contractor management and prequalification
  • Incident reporting and investigation
  • Inspection and checks
  • Audit and review process
  • Safe Work Procedure development
  • E-text monitoring for incidents, accidents, near misses and any other H&S issues that you company wishes to capture from your employees.

Implementing a Health & Safety System

We offer practical solutions with ongoing training and education support for you and your staff, which covers:

  • Up to five site visits to your business - we will develop a practical working solution, tailored to your business, with you and your staff to help you implement your health and safety system.
  • Clear, comprehensive company policy documents and a practical procedures manual.
  • Risk identification in the workplace with appropriate controls to either eliminate or minimise the associated risks.
  • Incident, injury or near miss reporting and investigation with root cause analysis, and corrective actions to prevent accidents recurring.
  • Staff engagement in the development, implementation and review of workplace health and safety.
  • Vehicle, plant and equipment maintenance controls.
  • Emergency planning and evaluation.
  • Training and experience plan for staff and/or contractors where you have day to day instruction or influence.
  • A robust diligence process for "Officers" in a governance capacity within the business.

Audit/Review of Your Current System

SBS offers a comprehensive audit and review of your current health and safety management systems. Once the review is completed, we will provide you with a detailed report with an easy to understand summary of where the business meets its compliance obligations and with recommendations where improvements can be made.

Annual Support Packages

Whether you need assistance with ongoing Health & Safety management in your workplace or require minimal support to ensure your business is compliant, we have two different packages on offer. Depending on where your business is at currently, will depend on which support package you choose.

Contact us on 0508424723 to have a chat with one of our H&S Consultants and find out which support package would be best for your business.