Health and Safety

Health and Safety isn’t a department, it’s a culture.  At SBS, our goal is to help you implement health and safety across your organization using a practical, manageable and easy to understand system.  We create programs that help develop a health and safety culture that ensures everyone goes home safe, everyday.

Health and Safety Systems

An SBS designed Health and Safety System is specific to each individual organisation. We will provide a system based on the hazards and risks present in your organisation, specifying those responsible for implementing the policy at all levels in the organisation and defining their responsibilities to meet The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.  The final document becomes part of your organisations commitment to a culture of health and safety.


An SBS Audit provides you with a road map to implementing a health and safety program across your organisation.  We will review your current system, tour your facilities and interview key personnel to understand where you are today and if there are areas for improvement.  Your final report contains practical recommendations tailored to your company.


Have a specific concern that needs immediate attention.  SBS consultants come from a variety of industries with experience and training across a broad range of health and safety solutions.  You can use our expertise to consult on specific areas within your current system or to supplement your existing team.  Areas we can assist include:

  • Obligations for Governance/Officer and Executive Management
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Risk Management
  • Accident Investigation

  • Work Safe Duty Holder Reviews
  • Emergency Planning
  • Employee Training and Inductions
  • Audit and Review Process

  • Site Specific Safety Plans (SSSP)
  • Safe Work Procedure Development
  • Contractor Management
  • Customised H&S Requirements

Support Packages

The failure of most health and safety programs is that the company gets the Health and Safety Systems binder, puts it on a shelf and then doesn't dust it off until there is an issue, which unfortunately is too late.   SBS wants to make sure that your system continues to be part of your culture and that it is there before you need it.  From basic to platinum, you can choose one of our pre-designed packages or customise a support package specifically for your business.


Bi-annual visits complete with a consultant report, accident support, 24/7 call-in and regular communication tools.  Designed for small business with basic health and safety requirements.


All the basic package features plus quarterly visits, Dropbox access, Safe Work procedures and the option to add on pre-qualification.  Designed for small to medium sized businesses with more complex health and safety requirements.


Our most complete package including all the basic and premium features plus 6 visits per year, Hazardous Substance Register, an Annual Audit and the option to add on Pre-Qualification services.  Designed for companies with multiple health and safety requirements.

To help you manage your health and safety program, especially for remote staff, SBSLink is a proactive text messaging system for the reporting of accidents, incidents, near misses and hazards.  We remind your staff weekly of the need to report and compile their responses for you.  Available as a stand alone program or add it to one of our support packages.