SBS Chamber winners

Proud Winners in the 2018 TSB Taranaki Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards (see below)

Winner of the Road Transport Forum NZ 2018 Outstanding Contribution to Health & Safety.

Health & Safety

At SBS, we specialise in providing Health & Safety management solutions for businesses nationwide.
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Human Resources

SBS offers professional and affordable employment and HR solutions for your business, when and where you need us.
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SBS offers administration and secretarial services to assist you in maintaining your office documentation and systems where required.
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Products & Services

SBS offer a range of specialist H&S and HR products including signage, PPE gear, checklists and e-text services, etc.
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About us

Practical Health & Safety and Human Resources solutions for your business.

At SBS we offer specialised Health & Safety and Human Resources advice and training support to meet your business requirements.

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Heath and Safety

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"Because our drivers are on varying shifts throughout the day, having regular health and safety meetings where all drivers can attend was out of the question.

We have found the E-text service effective by alerting the drivers to any health and safety concerns and enabling them to report as necessary. We would highly recommend other businesses use this service if regular meetings are not attainable.

The weekly report we get, as well as all the other support for the other services SBS provide, is fantastic."

Dave Hoskin Carriers Limited

"We have staff in three locations but only have an office in one of those areas. H & S reporting was becoming problematical. The e-text service means everyone gets reminded each week and has a chance to report any issues. The impersonality of the text means they don’t feel confrontational when advising us of their concerns.

The reports we get emailed to the office go straight into our H & S folder, saving us a lot of time and energy and yet we are still compliant with the Act.

I would not hesitate to recommend the E-text service to anyone considering using it."

Brommell Coachlines

"We were experiencing a lack of input from our drivers in regards to H&S and we hoped to open up a line of communication with them, so we started with SBS’ e-text service and one of the best things we found is the simplicity and regularity of the service.

We are now informed earlier about scheduled maintenance which assists us when taking bookings. We would recommend e-texts to anyone needing to improve the communication of H&S issues, especially for those whose employees are constantly out on the road."

Crofts Combined Carriers Limited


"SBS (formerly AGSafety) - I can recommend them to anyone who wants a good practical approach."

Graeme Skou - GK Skou Transport

“The Chamber of Commerce are grateful to SBS (formerly AGSafety) for providing us with a tailored health and safety package that is specific to our requirements. We appreciate their ongoing support.”

Maura Young, Chamber of Commerce

"Some 12 months ago we decided to get some help for an agricultural Health and Safety programme. As we had a few older very capable Farm Managers we looked for a company who we thought would be able to relate and get the message through that Health and Safety was important and wasn’t going to go away. Our Managers picked Safe Business Solutions (SBS) as the Consultants had worked in their field and could relate to them.

To date our choice has proved a success as SBS worked with staff and set up simple systems that work. Health and Safety is a tricky subject but as employers we feel that SBS has moved us forward in this field."

John Washer